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A Denver Urban Apiary

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About the Beekeepers

About a year ago we began our urban apiary in Denver, it was with the love and interest for gardens, outdoors and bees. It never really occurred to us that we could keep bees until we had hives temporarily placed on our property. It opened a lot of doors and led us to what we love to do, beekeeping.

Join us as we continue to grow our knowledge and our apiary.

Peak Bees
Denver, Colorado, USA

Kate took her interest a step further and attended University of Montana's apprentice beekeeping course and plans to continue on to do the journeyman and master courses.
Together we have Tuukka, the true keeper of the yard. He is a 4 year old bernese mountain dog, if we can't find him we know he is off laying with the hives and keeping an eye on the busy girls.
Aaron is a software engineer who keeps us up and running while also being our propolis in the bee yard.
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